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Renderfarm KazNITU name of K.I. Satpaev
         The first full-length 3D animated film ever made in Kazakhstan premiered before the Nauryz holiday on March 21. The film, called “Er Tostik and Aydahar,” is based on the Kazakh national fairy tale called “Er Tostik.” The project was a cherished dream of veteran director, 64-year-old Zhaken Danenov. It took three years to make with a production team of 50 people and cost $1.2 million.
          First, it was decided to shoot the movie in a regular format. Then, the director and his team had the idea to produce it in the now popular 3D format. An Almaty private studio team working under a talented, young director called Rustam Turaliyev made the adaptation.
          Turaliyev had a background in advertising and has worked in an animation studio in Moscow for years where he mastered 3D technology. He and Danenov recruited a talented group of young production editors and technicians well versed in the Kazakh language, culture and traditions. The screenplay in Russian was edited by the well-known playwright Lavrenty Son.
          Well-known Kazakhstan actors Lydia Kaden, Nuketai Myshbayeva, Kadyrbek Demesinov, Akkenzhe Alimzhan, Dulyga Akmolda, Dimash Akymov and Kairat Dombai provided the voices for the main characters in the Kazakh language version of the film. In the Russian-language version, the main characters were voiced by Leah Nelskaya, Nina Zhmerenetskaya, Igor Lichadeev, Anastasia Temkina, Oksana Boychenko and Anatoly Krezhenchukov.
          Render full-length animation project is using the computing cluster.
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