By initiative of President and Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the integration of science and higher education, according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from July, 22, 2008, 436 «On definition of scientific institutions, by this opens the National scientific laboratories for collective usage», KazNTU was selected on a competitive basis for the organization of the " National Open Research Laboratory of information and space technologies" (NORLIST). NORLIST was established in November 2009, according to the order of the rector of KazNTU issued on November 25, 2009, 624-p. In June 2010, when was the opening of NORLIST and starting in operation Computing cluster (Supercomputer).
     Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan assigned the grants about 400 million tenge for NORLIST and 200 million tenge for the Laboratory of Engineering Profile (LEP), to equip laboratories with the modern equipments. Additionally KazNTU from its own resources has spent about 500 million tenge for the repairing facilities and infrastructures, procurement of furniture, office equipment and additional devices.
     NORLIST is located on the first floor of the Kazakh-Korean Education Center by Information and Communication Technologies of KazNTU after K.I.Satpayev.

     Common tasks of the Laboratory:

· ensure the implementation of programs and projects on information and space directions for scientific and technological development;
· development of research products and commercial technologies, competitive in global market;
· participation in international scientific and technological cooperation;
· training of the researchers in priority research areas based on realization of research projects in cooperation with leading scientific centers.

     Tasks in the field of information technology:

· mathematical processing of dates of the large and super large volume;
· solving the mathematical tasks of heightened complexity;
· research in the field of computer vision;
· problems of artificial intelligence;
· development of grid-technologies;
· research in the field of parallel programming;
· research in the field of virtualization.

    Tasks in the field of space technology:

· processing of remote sensing data;
· designing the facilities of the cosmic purpose;
· analysis and data processing of the space research directed to remote study on surface of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to solve the environmental problems;
· modeling of systems for space instrument;
· conducting the theoretical studies in the field of space physics;
· modeling of the physical processes of space objects.

     Prospects for development of NORLIST:

· installation and organization of the technical maintenance of the software package ANSYS, which will allow to solve a wide range of physical problems of computer engineering in a various industries;
· installation of software package GAUSSIAN, which can solve the chemical problems that require high-performance data processing systems in the areas of computing and quantum chemistry, molecular modeling, medical and pharmaceutical researches;
· installation of a software package Leica ERDAS IMAGINE, which will solve the problems of geographical, ecological, geological and military nature,for which is necessary to conduct the bulk of measuring and computing works;
· installation of a software package PHOTOMOD, which will allow to receive spatial information on the basis of images virtually of all commercially available imaging systems, such as digital and film cameras, the cosmic scanning system of high resolution, and synthetic aperture radar;
· installation of software product family MSC, for organization and controlling by virtual modeling, by analysis and optimization of developed products in the field of mechanical engineering.

National Open Research Laboratory of Information and Space Technologies.

The main purpose of activity of the Laboratory - is an ensuring the conduct of the research work on information and space technologies in accordance with the contracts with authorized bodies and subjects of scientific and technological activities.

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